Zurich: Top 10 Places to Mingle with Spirits…

TT&S Zurich: Top 10 Places to Mingle With the Spirits….

I love history but I also love a good pint or cocktail (gin & tonic most especially!) So when I travel I like to incorporate ‘spirits’ whenever and wherever I can– whether it be beer, cocktails or distilleries…or sometimes all three!  Unfortunately, I did not take any distillery tours while visiting Zurich but I did stop in several places for a quick refreshment while exploring the city. Zurich is not cheap so it was usually just one but that one was always amazing!  While there are lots and lots of great places in Zurich, here are my recommendations…

  1. Bauschanzli Biergarten 
  2. Old Crow: Rare Spirits & Cocktails
  3. Jules Verne Panoramabar
  4. Bierhalle Wolf
  5. Bar Dante
  6. BarMunster 
  7. News Bar 
  8. Rathaus Café on the Limmat
  9. Tina Bar
  10. Bonnie Prince Pub 

13393937_10156956246185035_6686387987979043620_n1. Bauschanzli Biergarten One of my favorite spots along the river! The beer garden is perfect on a bright, sunny day or at night for an after dinner drink. Relaxing location that offers a cool breeze and the shade of trees, if you so need. Enjoy the live music and dancing at night or sit back, relax and take it all in. Perfect after a day of exploring!

2. Old Crow: Rare Spirits & Cocktails If you like whisky then this is the place for you! Old Crow has a long list of ‘rare spirits’ but it also has plenty to offer in the cocktail department (Yay gin!).  The bar is quaint and cozy, with both indoor and outdoor seating. make sure you stop in for a sip or two!  My recommendation is the Gin Bramble…

3.  Jules Verne Panoramabar Come in for a drink and stay for the view! The bar is situated in a former observatory so it offers stunning views of Old Town and Lake Zurich. Day or night, either will be perfect for a casual drink. Mostly cocktails, whisky and wine but they do offer a few beers. Like gin? Try the Dubonnet Cocktail or Ramos Fizz!


4. Bierhalle Wolf Want a lively bar with live music, where every day Oktoberfest? Then this is the place for you! Large mugs of beer is their specialty but they offer cocktails and wine as well. The Beer Hall offers indoor or outdoor seating and the music is loud enough to enjoy no matter which you choose! Whether you like lager or weissbeir they have you covered!

5. Bar Dante Are you a gin lover like me? If so, go here! Not far from the train station, it is set back a bit from the river but it is cozy and welcoming. Evenings can be packed so get there early and enjoyed a leisurely drink. Lots of gins, great tonic and fun garnishes! Hard to pick just one… it is a win-win-win.

barmunst6. BarMunster  After touring Grossmunster church, stop in for a visit to BarMunster! Great cocktails, friendly staff, and cozy atmosphere make it a great place to unwind. With 60+ cocktails, there is something for everyone. Stop in to recharge before heading back out to explore old-world Zurich.

7. News Bar  After a day trip to Rapperswil (40 min by train and so worth it!), stop in to News Bar next to the station when you return! Multi-level, lots of space, indoor and some outdoor seating makes it appealing to all. Plenty of cocktails (and mocktails) to choose from! Who wouldn’t be up for a refreshing Pimm’s after sightseeing on a warm summer day?

8. Rathaus Café on the Limmat After a boat ride down the Limmat stop by Rathaus Cafe and enjoy a drink beside the river! Sit under an umbrella or out in the open and enjoy the sun… either way it is a great spot to take in the city while imbibing a wee drink.  A refreshing hefe-weizen hits the spot on a cloudy or sunny day (at least it did for me!)


9. Tina Bar While wandering the old, narrow streets of Zurich make sure to stop by here to step back in time while enjoying some spirits. Eclectic and a bit pricey but if you enjoy a cigar (or just the smell of them) then stop by for a drink.  They offer absinthe, champagne, beer, and lots of cocktails… smoking cigars indoors may not be for everyone but if it is for you, try Tina Bar!

13343079_10156944893280035_7803775814170834068_n10. Bonnie Prince Pub It may not be for some but it was a happy discovery for me! I love Scotland and Scottish beer so imagine my delight when I stumbled across the only Scottish pub in Zurich. Catch a game on TV or throw a few darts, great place to end a busy day of sightseeing. Whether you like Scottish beer or whisky, they have you covered. Try a Haggis Hunter or a Fraoch Heather Ale- yum!

Have you been to Zurich? Would love to hear about your favorite ‘spirit’ locations. Leave a comment below! 

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