Booking Airfare: Money Saving Tips & Suggestions…

TT&S Booking Airfare: Money Saving Tips & Suggestions…dollar

Booking Your Dream Vacation can sometimes feel overwhelming but the planning should be half the fun! Trust me. Vacations will vary and should vary– it should reflect the individual(s) who are taking the trip. There is no need to purchase a travel package that may or may not fit all of your needs and desires simply because you do not know where to start. Yes, it can take a bit of time and effort but the reward of planning the perfect vacation is worth it.  Your Dream Vacation should not have to break the bank if you remember these tips…

  • Timing is Everything
  • Know your Destination
  • Be Flexible
  • Know your Budget
  • Clear your Cookies/History
  • Look Before You Leap

Timing is Everything

Booking your flight is a timing game. It is best to purchase your airplane tickets during the midweek not the weekend, as prices can go up over the weekend hours while more people are off and have time to plan trips.  Typically the best deals for domestic flights are 8-12 weeks in advance of the travel date. If you are looking for International flights, it is 3-5 months in advance. These are not set in stone but are average guidelines given by most travel websites. If you wait until the last minute, you may find some good deals but hotels may be hard to find, especially if it is during a peak travel season… which brings us to…

Know Your Destination

Doing a bit of research on the destination before booking is important. If International, what is the current exchange rate for the country’s currency? Are there VISA requirements?    Is the time you are looking at during peak travel season? If yes, it can raise the price of the trip– not just airfare but hotel costs as well. Could weather be a factor (snow, hurricane season, heat, etc) for your travel plans and are you OK with it? Which bring us to…

Be Flexible

You could save a bunch of money if you are willing travel during the off-season/less peak times. Try searching a week, two weeks or month later– does it change the price? What about a week, two weeks or month later? You will be surprised at how much you can save sometimes. Another way to save money is if you are willing to travel on a midweek day instead of the weekend. It seems silly but a Wednesday to Wednesday or Thursday through Tuesday can make a big difference! Another thing to consider is nearby airports. Is it cheaper to fly out of Providence, RI or Hartford CT versus Boston, MA? Are you willing to land in Glasgow instead of Edinburgh if it will save you money? Again, know your destination and most importantly…

Know your Budget

You may find a bargain on airfare but if the hotels are sky high then it is not a great deal in the end. Know your budget! Don’t book without checking hotel costs at your destination. Use a travel search site to see the price range during the time you are looking to travel. Create an excel spreadsheet (or use the good old fashion method of pen and paper) to estimate the cost of the trip– Airfare $400, Hotel $125 a night x 7= $875, $500 food= $1775.  It is better to over estimate than under! Is it within your budget? If yes, before booking make sure to…

Clear your Cookies/History

Websites track your search habits. If they see you searched for flights to Mexico on Sunday and it is now Wednesday, they may jack up the price hoping you will buy before it goes higher. Again know your destination! Don’t panic. Clear your cookies/history and try again or use a private browser.

Look Before You Leap

Don’t buy the first flight you find! It is best to search a few times in the weeks leading up to booking your flight, that way you have a baseline for prices and know a good deal when you see one. But don’t drag your feet and wait too long to book either! Know  the time frame to book and follow accordingly, don’t leap unless money is no object.  If it is, keep these tips in mind while booking. A deal too good to be true is not always bad…. just be informed! Timing may be everything but be flexible. Know your destination and budget…. and clear those cookies!!

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